About The Animation:

This computer generated animation depicts the science goals addressed by the Juno mission. The computer animation shows the Juno spacecraft being launched from Earth, separation from the upper stage of the launch vehicle, cruise to Jupiter and go into an elliptic orbit around the giant planet. As the spacecraft with its large solar panels spins, its instruments capture data on Jupiter as the planet comes into view of the instruments once per spin.

The Microwave Radiometer in particular probes beneath the clouds of Jupiter (depicted in the animation by approaching Jupiter and seemingly diving into its cloudy atmosphere) by measuring the energy coming from the deep interior at different wavelengths that will help reveal its interior structure and offer clues to its formation (depicted in the animation by symbols as an analogy to the Rosetta Stone) and thereby the formation of the solar system from the solar nebula.

Juno Mission Science Overview

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Juno, the god-sister-wife of Jupiter, ruler of the heavens, kept a constant and jealous vigil over her god-husband from Mount Olympus. When Jupiter had his tryst with Io he spread a veil of clouds around the whole planet to conceal his dalliance from Juno. Juno perceived the planet to suddenly grow dark, and immediately suspected that her husband had raised a cloud to hide some of his activities that would not bear the light. The cloud cover served only to arouse Juno's suspicions, and she came down from Mount Olympus. With her special powers, she penetrated the cloud to see the true nature of Jupiter.