Juno Mission Animations

Juno Mission Launch Video

Juno Mission Science Overview

Duration: 5m: 27s

This computer generated animation depicts the science goals addressed by the Juno mission. The animation shows the Juno spacecraft being launched from Earth, separation from the upper stage of the launch vehicle, ... more

Juno Mission Simulation

Juno Cruise and Orbit Operations

Duration: 5m: 20s

A Computer generated animation of the Juno spacecraft trajectory and orbit operations... more

Where is Jupiter in the Sky ?

Jupiter in the Sky

Jupiter in the Sky (Sep - Oct 2007)

In early June, Jupiter rises after sunset and can be seen rising in the southern sky to the left of Sagittatius. It is highest in the sky in the southern sky before sunrise.

For weekly updates on the planets in the sky, Sky and Telescope provides on-line updates.

In late September and October 2007, Jupiter could still be seen just after sunset, low in the sky near the constellation Scorpio.... more