Magnetic Field Investigation

The magnetic field investigation has three goals: mapping of the magnetic field, determining the dynamics of Jupiter's interior, and determination of the three-dimensional structure of the polar magnetosphere. To achieve these goals, the mission employs a Flux Gate Magnetometer and an Advanced Stellar Compass (ASC) to provide accurate pointing information of the Juno spacecraft for precise mapping.

Jupiter's Magnetic Field Mapping

The figure shows Juno wrapping Jupiter in a uniform net that enables observations that constrain Jupiter's core and characterize its dynamo. The primary science is performed within the first six hours of perijove. The first six months are shown in blue (orbits: 2-16) and second six months are shown in green (orbits: 17-31).

Here is an animation that demonstrates how the Juno spacecraft's orbit enables the detailed mapping of Jupiter's magnetic field.

Dr. John Connerney of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center leads the Magnetic Field Investigation